Nathan Sorry


When I have the time, I’ve been working on a longform comic (graphic novel, if you prefer) called Nathan Sorry. It’s about a bit of a loser named Nathan Sorry who should have been somewhere that he wasn’t and winds up with $3m and the chance to be someone else. Those kind of opportunities never quite go as planned though.

I’m currently up to page 12 (out of, I don’t know, 150? 200?) and I try not to make too big a deal of announcing new pages because it’s really meant to be read at once. Not a page at a time. Maybe a chapter at a time would work, I’m not sure. Anyway, I recently posted page 12 and hope to get to work on page 13 soon. I recommend starting here at page 1 and see if this type of story appeals to you. If so subscribe to the RSS feed or look here for more updates.