Warren Ellis Reads Nathan Sorry


The coolest thing happened yesterday. Warren Ellis, acclaimed writer of such comics as The Authority and Planetary, mentioned my comic, Nathan Sorry, on his blog:

Rich Barrett is 16pp into a creepy online graphic novel called NATHAN SORRY that looks like it’s going to turn into something fun.

You don’t get better press than that.

This all actually started a couple of months back when Ellis called for webcomic creators to come talk about their work on a thread in his popular Whitechapel forum. I managed to be one of the first into that thread to post. It was a turning point for me in that it was the first time I publicly spoke about Nathan Sorry (aside from various links posted on Twitter). Suddenly I was putting it out there and I got a good amount of traffic over the next couple of days from it. Not to mention some nice write-ups on a few webcomic-related websites. Most importantly though it boosted my confidence and made me realize there was no turning back. Since then I’ve increased my output dramatically and have put out a few more pages.

Now this. Mr. Ellis not only checked out the link I posted on his forum but he liked what he read enough to publicly recommend it. Traffic on NathanSorry.com went up something like 500% yesterday and a number of people signed up to receive email updates. Nathan Sorry is officially out there now and I am looking forward to getting the rest of the story out there.