The Union County Library Con

Yesterday I had the pleasure of appearing as a guest at the Union County Library Mini-Con in Indian Trail, NC. This is the second year that John Tompkins of  the Union County Library has organized such an event and my first time attending. Among some of my friends from Sketch Charlotte were other local cartoonists like Dave McDonald and Dennis The Menace cartoonist Marcus Hamilton.

I was frankly a little unsure at first why I had been invited to attend. My creepy, 9/11 comic was not something that I could show to kids so I expected to be sitting there doing nothing for 6 hours. I couldn’t have been more wrong. From the moment the convention started I had a line of kids at my table waiting for me to draw them sketches of whatever they wanted. At one point I had to tell them to wait for me while I went into the back room and ate lunch. There was literally no break until I left at 5:30. I was probably busier that afternoon than I was the whole 3 days at HeroesCon.

The kids were all great and really receptive and interested in seeing me draw. I asked just about each one if they read comic books and of course the answer was almost always no. But they knew characters like Iron Man and Spider-man from the movies and cartoons so that’s what they wanted drawings of. The cool thing was that there were a couple of kids that were interested in the aspect of drawing themselves and said they liked to draw at home. So hopefully it was encouraging and inspiring to them to see a roomful of artists doing this.

I took photos of most but not all of my sketches with my iPhone and already posted a number of them as I was doing them but here’s the rest, a little cleaned up.