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Charlotte Magazine
Editorial Illustration
The editors at Charlotte Magazine approached me with an idea to illustrate an entire article in the form of a comic book. They had never done anything remotely like this before and even though I’ve been working on my own graphic novel for a couple of years now I hadn’t really worked with another writer on anything like this either. The writer of the piece, Jeremy Markovich, had interviewed some people in town about the state of the local sports franchises and the colorful nature of these characters that he spoke to seemed to lend itself to this sort of treatment. After discussing how best to handle the story in a fun way while still being journalistic, we all decided to treat the content of the interviews straight but to set the words amidst the visuals of undead, zombie sports fans slowly taking over the city.

In addition to the printed magazine, it was also featured on their website here -  granted, I think it’s a little more effective on the page where it’s not chopped up into separate panels. But you can read the entire article right here.

Also, Jeremy wrote up a really nice piece about the process of making the comic over on his blog. There’s some sketches and stuff from the early stages of some pages.

Charlotte Magazine page 3

Charlotte Magazine page 4

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