Z is for Zebra

Z is for Zebra

And that’s all, folks. This whole Animal Alphabet thing has been a blast to do. When I started doing it after the cartoonist Ben Towle came up with the idea on Twitter and called for others to join in I didn’t really think I was going to do every letter. I figured I would only have time to jump in on occasion. Once I got going though I not only was having too much fun to stop but I realized how nice it was to have a short (I tried to spend no more than an hour on each of these) drawing exercise that I had to do each week. Knowing a group of other cartoonists were definitely going to have something to show each Monday was a nice motivator. I definitely think my drawing and inking skills improved in little ways over the course of this. If you haven’t already I urge you to jump over to the Tumblr site of everyone’s drawings and peruse each letter.

We’re already planning the next alphabet project and I think it’s going to be something like: Beasts & Creatures. The fictional variety. Anyone can join in. Follow the #AnimalAlphabet hashtag on Twitter for more information.

Another thing that I thought when I started this was that each week I would urge my 3 year old daughter to draw the same animal along with me. She wasn’t all that interested in the beginning but, at that age, a lot can change in 26 weeks. She’s been gaining a lot of confidence in handling a pencil and crayon lately. Also, last week she became kind of infatuated with yaks after looking at my Y is for Yak drawing so when I asked her to draw a zebra with me this week she was all about it. Here’s her first animal alphabet entry below (I will admit that I held her hand throughout this drawing so it was a collaborative effort).

  • Holly Atkins

    I love your daughter’s drawing!! Proud Dad’s are also one of the best blessings! Hopefully she’ll help you with the Beasts one if that’s what ends up happening!