Q is for Q*Bert

Q is for Q*bert

I consider this one a thematic cousin to the similarly pensive “A is for Abominable Snowman”.

I recently opened a store on Society6  where I’ll be selling prints, canvases, t-shirts other things of all my AlphaBeasts and eventually some Animal Alphabets. I’ve got a couple up there right now and plan to add version with and without text for each piece over the next couple of weeks. If you’ve ever wanted a T-shirt of any of these this will probably be the place to get one.

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  • http://satisfactorycomics.blogspot.com Isaac

    A brilliant choice of creature!

    I like the pensive look — like he’s contemplating making that last big leap from whose bourn no traveller returns.

  • http://www.madmup,com MadMup

    I love this! Any way to sign up to be notified when prints of it are for sale (if ever)?