I is for Incubus

I is for Incubus

Whoo boy, I am hopelessly about 4 letters behind in the weekly AlphaBeasts drawing exercise. Everyone has been doing great stuff so hop over to the Tumblr site and check them out. I’ve just had too much to do recently to really think about these but I still plan on finishing them all even if it’s not in real time with everyone else.

One of the things that slowed me down was that for a while I didn’t even know what I wanted to do for the letter I. There’s not a whole lot of great monster/beast/creature choices but I decided on one that I thought might be challenging. An Incubus is a pretty skeevy kind of creature. It is basically a myth involving demons that have sex with women while they’re sleeping. Hard to do an image of one that doesn’t look too rapey but I tried. I actually envisioned doing something that evoked Matthew Barney’s Cremaster films but wound up slightly more into the old romance comic feel that I gravitate towards a lot.

Anyway, the next letter when I get to it will be a little more kid-friendly. And don’t forget, I’ve begun selling vibrant 8×10 prints of the first three letters from this series here: http://nathansorry.bigcartel.com/

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  • http://satisfactorycomics.blogspot.com Isaac

    I like the hint of a heart shape in the composition.

  • Rich

    Heh. Thanks for noticing that, Isaac.

  • http://www.majanation.com Jonathan

    nice work, and welcome back to the beasties.