D is for Demon

D is for Demon

I was originally planning to do a Dire Wolf for D because I’m currently reading George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones and am really obsessed with it. But then I realized that Dire Wolves are not actually fictional animals. Apparently they once existed. Who knew? I could have stayed in the same territory and done a Dragon. But the idea of drawing a dragon made me really tired. So I went with Demon which is a fairly broad type of creature. You could probably draw just about anything and call it a demon. But I went with something in the “Mignola-verse” style because demons from the Hellboy comics are the only ones I tend to have any interest in.

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  • Isaac Cates

    Sweet. I really like the high-contrast face. (Reminds me of a doodle Keny Widjaja did for my demon sketchbook.) I also like the little stumpy wings.

  • http://www.majanation.com Jonathan

    ummm, looks like you know this from personal experience. what no blues in hell?

  • Rich

    Isaac, that sketch you linked to is so great.