B is for Bantha

B is for Bantha

Here is letter B for week 2 in the new AlphaBeasts project that something like 50 other artists took part in last week. A really crazy turnout compared to most weeks of the Animal Alphabet project.

Speaking of Animal Alphabet, whenever I was in doubt for what animal to draw I always had dog breeds to fall back on. I know dog breeds. I think 3 of my 26 drawings were dogs. This time out I feel like I’m going to fall back on Star Wars quite a bit. I know Star Wars. Much more than any fantasy genre fiction or even mythology. In fact, I would have a blast doing a Star Wars alphabet.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.rosenbaum Jonathan Rosenbaum

    yes yes that’s awesome.

  • Isaac Cates

    Awesome + excellent = awesomcellent.

    I really wish I wasn’t using my complicating rule about “just one creature from a given mythology,” because there are several Star Wars creatures it would have been really fun to draw, and the bantha is totally one of them! I’m glad you did it (and better than I ever could have).

    You can expect me to use Star Wars in two weeks.