Z is for Zombie

Z is for Zombie

And there we have it. That completes AlphaBeasts…but wait there’s more. I missed about 4 letters in the middle of the alphabet back when my son was born so coming up next will be J – M. Then I’ll come up with some sort of plan for what to do with all of these when they’re done.

As always everyone’s contributions can be viewed at alphabeasts.tumblr.com. I had originally planned on sitting out the next alphabet project but when it was decided that the next subject would be “AlphaBooks” – literary characters – I couldn’t resist. So look for announcements soon about that one starting up and anyone is free to join in on the fun.

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  • http://satisfactorycomics.blogspot.com Isaac

    That’s the kind of zombie menace I like: hypnotic and inexorable.