C is for the Creature from the Black Lagoon

C is for Creature from the Black Lagoon

Originally for this week’s AlphaBeasts entry, I was going to do a Centaur but then I realized that the letter C was landing right on Halloween so it would be more appropriate to lean towards a more frightful beast. This is a pretty straightforward take on the classic shot of the rubbery creature staggering out of the said Lagoon. If you’re my age, you probably have the same memories as me of getting your 3-D glasses from 7-11 to watch the late night showing of this film on WPIX (New York metro area) and being kind of bored because when you’re seeing this as an 11 year old back in the ’80s it was neither scary nor ironically funny.

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  • Isaac Cates

    Another really kick-ass drawing. Nice!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Isaac! And thanks for always keeping the comment section alive on my site.

  • Henry Eudy

    Ah! I can’t believe you mentioned the 7-11 glasses! But, then again, I think I do meet the qualifier about being close in age. But, anyhow, I remember being so excited about seeing this movie in 3-D and then so disappointed when actually watching it on our grainy 28-inch TV. Still, it’s a moment from my childhood I’ll never forget.