A is for Abominable Snowman

A is for Abominable Snowman
If you enjoyed the weekly Animal Alphabet drawings that myself and a number of other cartoonists just recently completed… well, we’re at it again.

This week starts AlphaBeasts where we’ll be drawing fictional monsters and creatures. I think there’s going to be a nice turnout of artists contributing to this one so check them out as they’re posted here. If you’re interested in contributing (and I highly recommend it, it’s a great drawing exercise) there are some simple rules posted here.

With Animal Alphabet I did each piece with a pentel pocket brush pen, a micron for fine details and a brush for some ink washes. I got really tired of doing those washes towards the end even though I think I got better at them as I went. This time I’m going to add some color while still trying to keep it as simple and efficient as possible. I always tried to not spend more than an hour on each drawing last time but for my first entry here I spent a bit more than that but partly because I spread the work out over the past two weeks and partly because I wasn’t happy with my first drawing and wound up redoing it. I’m still using my trusty pentel brush pen and my Micron 01 tip drawing pen but I’ll be doing a bit more Photoshop work on these to give them a different feel than the last project.

Anyway, I haven’t planned too far ahead in the alphabet but I hope by the time I get to Y I’m not regretting having used up the “Yeti” option on this first letter. I always preferred calling it the “Abominable Snowman” anyway.

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  • Isaac Cates

    Aw. Lonesome yeti is lonesome.

    That’s a really nice mood piece. An excellent start for the project!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.rosenbaum Jonathan Rosenbaum

    nice work Rich. I was gonna do the Abdominal Snowman (kinda like the Situation) but I want to make a set and thought I should stick with what I had. I really like the use of the monochromatic graphic look.

  • Jaydot Sloane

    I love drawing monsters! I actually went through and did the whole alphabet of monsters to teach myself how to use the new tablet I’d gotten 😛 Always nice to learn new tools while doing something fun.

    Of course, now I’m trying to release those pages as a digital children’s book. Do you guys have any similar plans for your works, or are they ultimately just for funsies? (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much, guys. This one was really fun to do.

    Jaydot, I’m not sure yet. I’ve had a couple of people express interest in books or prints of my Animal Alphabet pieces so I can’t say I’m not thinking of doing something with these in the future but as for the Monsters we’ll have to see how they come out I guess.

  • http://www.semitechnical.com Matt McCabe

    Please let us know if you are doing any prints or books of these. I’d love to buy just the A version as a print :)